About Us


Pulse Niru Co. has started its work in making “pulsed power devices” since 2004. Since then, its main activity was focused on designing and making system such as plasma focus. Additionally, in that era, by introducing its representatives in Russia and European Countries, designing and manufacturing pulsed power equipments such as pulse capacitors with low inductance in low energies with European standards wee notable achievements.
In 2007, with regard to plenty of assigned projects in the field of condensed energy physics, the five following professional groups have been established:

  1. Pulse Power: technology and devices of pulse power.
  2. Energy and Plasma: condensed plasma physics and technology and controlled fusion.
  3. Optics and Laser: systems and devices with application in optic and laser industry.
  4. Microwave: science and technology of producing and propagating of microwave waves and particle accelerators.
  5. Designing and Manufacturing: designing and making devices mechanical devices employed in high technology domain.
  • Designing and making optical speedometer system, VISAR, in Optics and Laser Group.
  • Designing and making focusing plasma system, TOKAMAK for nuclear fusion, and Q-Machine generator , in Energy and Plasma Group.
  • Designing and making an expansion, compression magnetic form system, generator of metallic and non-metallic nano-powders by wire discharge method, and steelizing of REF in Pulse Power Group.
  • Designing and making two 2 MW linear accelerator, in Microwave Group.
  • Designing and making a light propelling piston motor, in Designing and Manufacturing Group.


At the moment, this company is one the biggest research centers in the field of condensed energy physics in the Middle East. Moreover, this center is one the most authentic source in the region for supplying scientific and technical needs and performing research projects.
Pulse Niru Co. has been published many domestic and international papers, patented dozens inventions in the condensed energy physics, and is endowed with the best and knowledgeable staff. All of the mentioned features has made this centers to be unique in its fields in Iran and the region.